Montag, Oktober 20, 2008

.................more vintage "Art-Bits"

......and here are my other vintage Art Bits.

Show and Tell Sunday "Art Bits"

here are some of my favorite Art bits! I love vintage velvet ribbons and cant get enough of them,also i love vintage pale pinks and pale blues trims. In this antique Letter case i reposite my vintage glass buttons and other vintage Art bits.
I love these tiny vintage playing cards,most with bird images(do we not love all bird images???)
Thank you to Cerri

Donnerstag, Oktober 16, 2008

The Love of Vintage wallpapers

I cant get enough of vintage wallpapers.I love the floral pattern with a pastel background.Its hard to find beautiful wallpapers in germany ,but we have internet and also i can look in the United States too.
Here are some of my favorite wallpapers. With the large cabbage rose wallpaper i will cover the inside of an antique cupboard.