Montag, Mai 05, 2008

Vintage Glass Buttons

I cant get enough of these pretty pastel vintage glass buttons, my new obsession!For a few weeks ago i have meet a nice lady.She has a large collection of these old buttons.
Many Years ago she has bought the buttons from a man who has worked in a button factory, in Czech Republic.
These buttons are produced in the 40´s and 50´s and they´re not produced any more.
I love to work with it,i sew them on garlands or adhere it on cones or boxes.Hope my english is good enough to understand :)


Sugar Bear hat gesagt…

They are wonderful! I see why you like them so much. They will make beautiful additions to your work.

GeorgiaPeachez hat gesagt…

Lovely, lovely buttons! Your english is very good, much better than my German!! xo, suzy

Mieke hat gesagt…

Wow, they are gorgeous!!

Scrappy Jessi hat gesagt…

these are amazing.

Sarah hat gesagt…

Great buttons. Love the bright teal colored ones!

Rose Garden Romantic hat gesagt…

Beautiful buttons!! I loved seeing all your gorgeous bling in your last post, too!!

vintage moon studio hat gesagt…

These are beautiful! I recently received my Mom's collection of old buttons dating back to the same era... so much fun going through them all! Deb

Angela Harris hat gesagt…

Wow. The buttons are beautiful & have an interesting history. So glad to find your blog. My name is Angela Harris & I've just joined Club Creative. I've just signed up for the newest swaps. So I'm sure we'll cross paths. It's nice to meet you!

holly doodle designs hat gesagt…

Your English is fantastic. I'm always so impressed with people who can speak so fluently in more than one language! These buttons are GORGEOUS. I love them.

Sadie Lou hat gesagt…

Your English is just fine!
I love these photos! They look good enough to eat--like candy!